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Play Duel Royale and Win Prizes

The Concept

Welcome to the adrenaline-fueled Telegram-based arena of Duel Royale, where valiant contenders enter armed with our native token, ready to engage in a battle of wits and skill to win cash prizes.

In this intense showdown, players enter with $ROYALE tokens and face randomized scenarios, each striving to outlast their opponents and emerge as the sole survivor.

Throughout the game, unexpected scenarios arise, which result in players either staying in, or exiting out of the game.

Whether it's sudden attacks or unfortunate accidents, every twist and turn keeps the competition fierce and the outcome unpredictable.

In the end, only one contender will emerge victorious, winning the prize pot for that specific game.

$ROYALE Tokenomics

Out of the total $ROYALE supply, 80% of the tokens are dedicated to liquidity. The remaining 20% is allocated to our vault system, which securely holds tokens used as rewards for the game.

The $ROYALE token has a 5% fee, to support marketing, development and ETH rewards and support our ecosystem.

Liquidity of the $ROYALE token is locked and our contract is renounced, ensuring safety and governance for holders.


GameFi Battle Royale Bot

Challenge Opponents and Win Cash Prizes

Exciting Battles

Duel Royale offers fast-paced battles where players can challenge each other or AI opponents. With instant matchmaking, there's no waiting time for players to jump into the action.


Players can bet on battles for a chance to win big. The winner takes the entire pot, adding excitement and rewards to the gameplay.


Payments are simple, and player tokens are kept safe in the game's vault. Players can enjoy battles and wagering with peace of mind.

Active Community

Duel Royale has a lively community where players can connect, compete, and share experiences. Regular updates keep the game fresh and engaging for all players.